Ok so I have been on paxil for 2-3 months 40mg, I was having the normal sexual side effects so my doc switched me to wellbutrin XL 150MG twice a day. Well I stopped the paxil 3 days ago an sense then I have felt like crap, my mind is foggy, been throwing up for the 3 days, my legs feel like jello, I get chills an some Times hot flashes an it feels like I'm not connected to my body.. after reading about the wellbutrin as well I stopped that as I heard it can make your anxiety worse.. my doc said to either continue this road with out the paxil or start it again an wean your self off.. I just don't want to touch the stuff again, that's how bad it scares me.. what should I do folks?? I'm 22 year old male the last 2 days I called my mom up crying my eye out that ain't normal lol.. any advice would be appreciated folks thanks