I was on Paxil for 18 years , at the end I was taking the maximum dose of 50mg.I stopped taking it as i felt like it wasn't working for me anymore. My doctor weaned me of it in a week and put me on Cymbalta. I was having a really hard time on Cymbalta and my doctor kept on increasing the dose during the five weeks, I was on it.
I went to another doctor because I felt the previous doctor wasn't sure what he was doing, so my new doctor told me to stop Cymbalta as he thought I was having bad side effects from it and has put me on Zoloft, which I'm currently taking , for the last 3 weeks ,my dose of Zoloft is now 100mg.
The problem is I'm starting to have the anxiety that comes in waves for no apparent reason and I feel like all the things I've been feeling I have never experienced before , new symptoms.
I felt better on Paxil then I have been the last 2 months.
I,m starting to think that maybe its the withdrawal symptoms from Paxil after so many years taking it, and that's why I have been having new symptoms.
Can you have withdrawals symptoms from an ssri when taking another anti-depressant ? I feel like I'm going crazy, the doctors say it's my anxiety / depression, but I feel like I'm on a roller-coaster of emotions and if this is the case I was better of staying on Paxil as I didn't feel as bad as I do now.
Help I need your advice Please...