Hi everyone, im a 17 year old male who has been plagued with severe, and I mean severe social anxiety and depression. It became so intense I was not myself anymore. I felt like I was missing out on who I really am. I used to be the most outgoing and happy kid who was involved in life up until middle school. I went through a LOT of hard times in middle school including finding out I have type 1 juvenile diabetes. Something just overcame me and I could not find my way back to feeling joy and happiness. I was prescribed Zoloft 50mg as a starter, I cut the pill in half and took 25mg the first week. What I experienced was hell on that drug and it just was not for me. Later figuring out I'm sensitive to medication he put me on paxil 5mg for the first week and 10mg after the first week had ended. I am currently on the 2nd week of taking paxil now taking 10mg at night with minimal side effects or problems. What I want to know is what happens after someone has been medicated for a while? Should someone my age be extremely careful while taking paxil? Just general info on taking paxil and entering adulthood.