I started taking 20mg Paxil 3 weeks ago for anxiety related to eating. Basically I can't eat when I'm anxious, in fact I sometimes dry heave, so I get anxious about being anxious when I am expected to eat, like going out for dinner, lunch, etc. Sometimes this spirals out of control and then I get anxious about every meal. This is where I'm at now so my Dr prescribed Paxil. It has made my symptoms worse, which I have read is common. I wasn't initially told this and I thought I was going crazy. I went back to the Dr and was given Ativan to help. I have been taking between 1-2mg of Ativan a day just to get by. I know the Paxil will take 4-6 weeks to work but I'm worried since my symptoms have increased it won't be as effective. I am waking up each morning very early (4.30am) incredibly anxious to the point I am dry heaving, even if I've had a good day prior. I am desperate for this morning anxiety to go away. Even if I have a nap, I wake up anxious. Obviously the ativan makes me drowsy so I'm napping a lot. I'm scared to fall asleep! I am feeling a bit helpless because my CBT isn't really working and I feel reliant on the ativan. I have found this forum very helpful and just wanted to hear from anyone that found Paxil to increase symptoms of anxiety initially but eventually found it to be effective.