I have severe depression and cannot focus or concentrate. I tried Paxil for 2 days and my face broke out badly. Stopped it & just started again. So far my face has not broken out. I know that I have to give it time. My doc and myself are at a loss. I tried Wellbutrin for 2 wks but was starting to feel suicidal. I also need 1 mg of Klonopin to sleep. I try to think positive but I revert to negative thinking & cannot make a decision. It's difficult for me to shower or do laundry or organize. Can anyone relate? I have tried antipsychotics which did nothing. I used to exercise but don't feel like getting out of the house. Also, either from stress or the meds my hair is falling out. I'm writing because people don't want to be around this negativity. I also have gotten more sensitive to meds as I got older. I took Zoloft for a couple of months but started to feel tired & hyper at the same time. Yrs ago that worked well for me. Now it's been 2 yrs of me being a mental wreck. Anyone have an experience of major depression for 2 yrs or more and then gotten better? Also, I know I rambling. Right now I'm trying to get the energy to shower & wash what little hair that I have. Need support. Thanks.