My Dr just put me on Paxil Friday May 31, 2013. I started taking it this Monday June 3 2012. I have anxiety and depression. I have never been on anything for this before. I have read a lot of scary reveiws all over the I Ferber about Paxil and now I think I'm paranoid. The first day I took it I felt as if I was in a fog nothing bad just different, im on day 4 now and aside from the slight fogginess i havemt felt anything. I have read that it takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks to start working correctly. I have read a lot of the reveiws about sexual side effects and I was also wondering what everyone's experience with that was. I am 28 and the decreased sex drive kind of scares me , myhusband and I have a great sex life as of now. The only other thing I was wondering about are the symptoms once you go off of it. Withdrawal? I've read a lot of bad things. I would like some opinions that are current from anyone who is on it now or has gone off of it recently. Thank you.