i'm asking, now, which I may regret waiting so long. He was young when he started taking 5mg of Adderall to help him focus when he started school. I know it was young, but he just wasn't able to focus at school and my Mom did not put my brother on meds and he ended up basically only getting a 6th year education. yes, the system is better and protects kids from that happening now, but I didn't want my son to hate school. He also had some severe OCD habits, but I waited hoping they would resolve on their own w/out meds. they didnt and it started interfering with his ability to sleep and get ready for school in the mornings... we spent most bedtimes and mornings in tears so i felt it was time. they put him on Paxil and honestly, I never questioned it. I have taken zoloft on and off for years with no adverse issues that i KNOW of, but I have so many health issues now along with depression and anxiety and Ive found out that these medications do alter our chemical processes in our brain and body and sometimes it is permanent. Now, he has some weird anxietys that are keeping him from enjoying his life as a teenager and I wonder, was he too young to have meds changing his chemical make up? did they alter a system that needed to be left alone in order for him to grow up and think correctly... Im just a concerned parent and want to do what is right for him. Ive taken a lot of flack over the years for putting him on adderall so young... accusations that I did it for me, because he was so hyper and active... mostly I ignored them because if they were relevant to my life they would have known Ive never given him his meds on the weekends of holidays when home with me... I enjoy his personality and truthfully dislike that the adderall calms him down as well as helps his focus... he isint himself, he isnt as funny... or as sociable, but when I allowed him to try and go to school without it, he is the one who asked me to start giving it to him again. same thing with the Paxil a few months ago..he felt down and depressed and like his OCD was getting worse. Again, it does help those areas of his life, but it does change his personality somewhat... should I be trying something different? Is there a reason why they give adolescents Paxil over other choices? If anyone has any information on this subject, or helpful advice, please reply as i really need to be reassured that this is the right choice for him. thanks in advance!