Hi..I have been taking 20mgs of Paxil for about 7 years. It has been a life-saver. I have had anxiety my whole life, and this drug simply took it away. Not even a benzo (Klonopin, Xanax, etc.) took away my anxiety like Paxil has done. The past 3 or 4 days, however, I noticed that I have been having social and generalized anxiety attacks again. Not as bad as before taking Paxil, but enough for me to be concerned. I also have been feeling as though I cannot take in a good-enough breath when I breathe in. I'm scared because that anxiety was just awful, and I'm thinking maybe the drug has stopped working, or has decreased in its effectiveness. I can't ask my "doctor" because my mom's boyfriend prescribes it to me, and he's an orthopaedic surgeon. He doesn't really know about this stuff. I was hoping someone out there may have a similiar experience, and a solution.

Just as an FYI... about a month or so ago, I switched from Walmart to Target for my prescription. I was thinking maybe the generics are different coming from Target? Maybe my body is adjusting to this generic? Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated. Thank you!