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Paxil is causing constipation what can I do to relieve this side effect?

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DzooBaby 4 Apr 2011

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water or juices. Ice tea and coffee dont count for fluid replacement because they take out more fluid than they replace. You need to be taking in 64 oz water a day. Also increase your fiber intake. Fruits with the skins, beans, popcorn, whole grains, etc. You can take a fiber supplemnet too. Benefiber is a good one because you can add it to any fluid and it doesnt taste or make the fluid thick. Citrucel and metamucil are good to but they add flavor and thicken liquids. Fiber con are good because they are tablets but if you have problems swallowing pills you might not like them-they are good sized tabs. You can try some Miralax on occasion too if the other stuff above doesnt work! One of the most important things is to make sure your fluid intake is adequate so the fiber can do its job!!

Jenrush 2 Feb 2017

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Metamucil if you are taking antidepressants, seizure medication, anti-cholesterol medication, diabetes drugs, digoxin, lithium, aspirin, nitrofurantoin, tetracycline or a diuretic.

Because of the psyllium content, Metamucil may reduce or delay the absorption of some medications, which could impair their effectiveness or increase the risk of side effects.

caringsonbj 4 Apr 2011

Dzoobaby is exactly right, under adverse effects ofthe drug Paxil it does mention constipation, (I take daily doses of opiates for Chronic pain)but everything she says is what is recommended, I am one of the ones that hates water so it would be pointless in me taking the extra fiber, I take Senokot-S which is a bowel softner, it causes the urge and also does not cause cramping like a lot of things do, but what works for one person doesn't always work for aother, I take 4 when I first get up and then late in the day I take another 3 by the next morning I have good results, and it might be such a thing that since you are having Paxil (which seems to be the problem) it might not take that many tablets for you, I think on the box you can take up to 8 tablets per 24 hours,

DzooBaby 4 Apr 2011

You can still add extra fiber even without water but it works better if you stay well hydrated. Even if you drink Crystal Light, or even KoolAid you are getting water. With KoolAid you are getting a lot of artificial color too but at least you are getting water. If you hate water try adding a little bit of lemon or lime, some kind of flavoring. That is better than tea. The tea and coffee acts as a diuretic and removes more fluid than it replaces. It took me awhile to get used to it but I drink good RO water and I chill it in the fridge. Now, if I am thirsty, nothing but water will do! I'm not saying to never drink tea or coffee, just dont count on it as a fluid replacement. You can drink tea all day and still be dehydrated! Black tea that is, herbal teas are different.

Inactive 4 Apr 2011

Fiber fiber fiber, & water water water! If that doesn't work I've never had a doctor tell me good ole' Milk of Magnesia wasn't ok to take occasionally! Hope this helps. It does me. free discount card

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