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Is paxil commonly used for treatment of anxiety and/panic diaorder?

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drw00d 23 Jan 2014

Absolutely. Paxil is an SSRI used for anxiety, depression, panic disorders and off label for OCD. Worked well for me and a few other people I know first hand. Have had patients report it has a high efficacy compared to some of the others in the class. (Prozac. Lexapro) once again everything is different for everyone.

Pm with follow ups.

Skymae11 24 Jan 2014

Hello wonderinwoman,
Paxil is an Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), much like Celexa or Zoloft. It is indicated for use for anxiety, as well as depression, and has proven to be effective in the treatment of anxiety. I have seen this and other drugs in this same class used for anxiety related illnesses. Given what your anxiety is stemming from will really tell you if this drug will work for you. There are some side effects with SSRI's and anxiety that cause some worry, mainly jittery feeling or tension, but this isn't felt by everyone and usually goes away quickly.
Hope this helps!

faith25 3 Feb 2014

Yes Paxil is very helpful in my opinion. I myself take 60mg a day and it really helps. If you are on Paxil make sure you take as prescribed by your doctor because once it starts leaving your system because you ran out of meds or forgot to take it for a couple of days you will notice a difference.

Grammzie 16 May 2014

Yes that is so true, I can really feel when I have missed a few doses

Grammzie 16 May 2014

Oh yes it is, there are several others,as well . Paxil seems to be helping me, I had my leg amputated in Nov. I had to learn to do very hard things that with 2 legs were simpile. It was really hard on me , I was home alone 90% of the time so I learned to do the things I needed to do .,But then I slipped into a very deep depression, staying in my room just laying in bed watching tv and sleeping. Then I learned that medicade wasnt going to put me a new leg on, so things got worse. My Dr. put me on paxil and gabapentine I started to feel alittle better . Paxil really helped me out of a very sad place. Then I got my leg a week ago today, I have to use a walker but I'm getting there, just have to take it one day at a time. free discount card

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