I am an extremely wound up individual and as of late relapsed in my 8 month success. I had a panic attack last July and within 2 weeks managed to spiral it into a full blown disorder. I was a disaster. I finally caved took the zoloft with ativan and was taken off as my fear for medication made me MUCH worse. I managed to musker up courage and beat the agoraphobia part of it and eventually some of my avoidances (food bus places shows) Well Ive done CBT aall along and it works wonder but last week my therapist says you'll need meds to fully get better look at how anxious you still are. My family Dr also agreed BUT said she knows how terrified I am. So I start panicking about the damn pills and wind up in ER see the psych he says no one is telling you to but does sound like you need it. So now here I am with my prescription 5mg of paxil and .5mg ativan... Scared witless. Between past experiences and fricken google I can barely believe Im not going insane now yet alone with pills... Oh yes my anxiety all stemmed from being drugged 8 years ago and thus why Im terrified of taking any pills. ONLY good advice back please.