First of all I want to thank every one for there help over the past month. Well I’m on day 32 of detox and things have improved a little, but I am still dealing with some PAWS symptoms. I have very little energy/motivation and he smallest tasks seem endless. I am also struggling with fogginess and irritability. The best way I have found to explain it is I am living in dysphoria, where as I used to live in euphoria. Any suggestions for these symptoms? Doc has me on Ativan which helps a little, but I can only take a quarter of 1mg pill or I get very drowsy (at night I take 2). Now Doc doesn’t want me to get hooked on Benz opines, so he wants me to see a Physiologist who specializes in addiction therapy. The closest appointment I could get is 3 weeks from now, WTF.
I spend a lot of time researching everything remotely related to opiate addiction. Just a little tip for all of you, don’t believe everything you find on the web. Don’t get me wrong there is some great info there but about half is opinion. Get yourselves to the library and read medical books and journals. This brings me to my question on “Kratom” anybody know anything about it. Is it an opiate and is going to put me back in withdrawal? Is it legal? Is it bull? I’ve read that in Asian countries, they chew it to avoid withdrawing from opium. Sounds good to me.