Just had another anesthesiologist in pre-op verbally strong arm me about not wanting to take Versed along with a spinal and Propofol. My medical record states that it gives me prolonged amnesia, 24 hour hiccups, nausea, strong anxiety and post-surgery anxiety and depression. The anesthesiologist claimed these side effects are caused by the Propofol rather than the Versed, but I’ve had Propofol alone about 20 times with no problems. Twice when Versed was added, I had the side effects. I do not have any memory of the surgeries when I only receive Propofol, even a bilateral knee replacement along with an epidural. I meditate prior to surgery so I don’t need anything to calm me down. I’m also over 65 and several studies now question whether seniors should receive Versed due to possible permanent memory loss. Why do anesthesiologists want everyone to have Versed — even if they’re also having Propofol — and even if they will receive serious side effects from it?