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How do the patients afford humira,my Dr wants me on it due to crohns, but I cant afford it?

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kaismama 22 Nov 2013

The manufacturers of these expensive meds have assistance programs. Go here and check it out

Bleuidcowgirl 23 Nov 2013

My mom gets it through kaiser for $15. Contact the manufacture to get the discount cards.

RNLaura 13 Dec 2013

If you have health insurance, call your Prescription coverage carrier. For me that was Navitus. They usually have a prescription coordinator who will set it all up for you. I get my Humira for $5 a month from the University Hospital near my work. And of course you can get in touch with the folks at Humira by calling 1-800-4-HUMIRA. I did not find the lady who answered when I called to be overly helpful but then I called my insurance company and they directed me to the right people. From the day the medication was prescribed to my picking it up was 3 days.

midge1947 18 Nov 2014

I am currently on a Patient Assistant Program called Abbivie. 1-800-222-6885. If you fit into the program qualifications you will receive it free. Lost of paper work to fill out but it is worth the time to complete it. free discount card

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