I noticed this site list tingling of feet with the use of afatinib, I recently started this drug 02/17/15 and within 2 months my feet began to tingle greatly. I had a already existing Neuropathy for 11 years only with muscle spasm to the legs, no burning. Shortly after the massive tingling started burning began in my arch and angles. I have never had that before until I took this drug. Does anyone know if Afatinib could aggravate a pre-existing condition? My Neurologist told me this drug does not cause swelling of the feet or tinkling, this site does. I was taking Tarceva before this and had do real issues, I am in remission as of 06/15/15. I would have been in remission last year in march 2014 if they would have not stared at if for a year. I was in remission for 9 years until now.
For someone who has had and undiagnosed Neuropathy for 10-11 years now has burning after starting a drug makes it questionable.