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How do I know if a patient and or a fam,ily member is abusing MDMA?

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The best way to see if someone is abusing MDMA is to look for a change in mood. While MDMA feels amazing when on it, it makes those who abuse it feel awful in the days following.

Irritability, lack of motivation and depression on days after the family member is suspected to be using are signs of MDMA abuse. However, this is not conclusive. The simple hangover can cause these effects as well.

ZNelson87 11 Sep 2013

It can be very difficult to tell unless you are present when the person is intoxicated.

Some people experience depression after taking MDMA, others experience a mild mood lift for several days.

During acute intoxication, looks for the obvious signs: Massively dilated pupils, and sweat/elevated body temperature.

Obviously, a drug screen test is the best bet if the subject is not intoxicated in your presence. free discount card

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