It seems like we have needs, drugs are so expensive and I have got online and looked or called these numbers and I am going to list the following: for Abbott Laboratories dial toll free 1-800-441-4987; ENDO Labs assistance programs 1-888-788-7921 they make effexor, Levaquin, Zetia, Lilly Assistance programs ; Pfizer Prescription
assistance 1-800-646-2455 drugs like Zithromax 1-800-869-9919
UpJohn prescription Assistance 1-800 242-7014; Roxane Laboratories they mae
Oramorph sustained release, Roxicodone, viramune 1-800-274-8561
Searle Patients in need foundation, they make Aldactazide, Aldactone, Calan, 1-800-542-2526; Smith Kine Beecham they make Kytril Paxil Hycamtin 1-800-546-0420 Oncology Hotline 1-800-689-3806 Partnership for prescription assistance 1-888-477-2669 CoPay Relief Program 1-866-512-3861 if you reach one of these 800 numbers and it is the wrong department just ask the person on the phone to transfer you to the department you want to speak to, they will also be glad to mail you a form to fill out, I got one through the mail so don't hesitate to ask. if this helps one person then this will be worth it all to me, you never know what they will do until you call and explain your circumstances. I wish you the best of luck Caringsonbj