Bayer Indigent Patient Program (800) 998-9180
Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation 1-800-556-8317
Bristol Myers Spuibb Patient Assistance Program 1-800-332-2056
DuPont Merck Patient Assistance Program 1-800-474-2762Genentech uninsured Patient Assistance Program 1-800-879-2747
Neumega Access Program 1-888-638-6342
Glaxo Wellcome Patient Assistance Program 1-866-728-4368
Hoechst Marion Roussel Indigent patient program 1-800-221-2025
Janssen Patient Assistance program 1-800-544-2987
Lilly Cares Program 1-800-545-6962
Merck Patient assistance program 1-800-994-2111
Novartis Patient Assistance program 1-800-257-3273
Procrit Line Ortho biotech 1-800-553-3851
Parke-Davis Patient assistance Program 1-908-725-1247 or P.O. Box 1058 Somersville, New Jersey (this is not an 800 number
Pfizer Prescription Assistance 1-800-646-2455
I have so many more but this will hopefully help you and your doctor obtain the forms to get started in order to get the medicines you need if possible, they may ask for you or your doctors address so that they can mail forms to mail out. I will maybe do better later Billy