I was getting hot flashes and night sweats not sleeping feeling freaked out shaky nervous just weird about a month in a half ago, so I went to my gyn and he did blood work, his eyes looked all crazy and he said oh you are definitely in menopause. I am only 44 and had my uterus removed about 3 years ago for fibro cysts, any way I started the patch for 1 week 0.075 twice a week. I am only 4'11" and 108 lbs. I was working out everyday then I felt really weird after my second week 3rd patch just put it on. I got off the exercise bike got really dizzy like vertigo for about an hour the room was literally spinning, so I took the patch off cause I got scared then the next 3 days I had a fever of about 102 and felt really sick and bad for like 10 day I hurt everywhere, not sure if it was the flu or what. For that 10 days I did not put a patch on. The 11th day I put it back on and am in my 3rd week of having it on 6 patches in and my ankle wrist finger shoulder knee and elbow joints hurt me. My muscles at top of my back and neck feel tight and sore and I feel weird. It just started this week. I'm kinda scared. Haven't talked to the gyno yet, but will on Mon.