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Can I take passionflower while on fluoxetine?

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chuck1957 28 Apr 2016

Morning Bernie; Yes the drug interaction comes up with no problem taking these two together but follow the directions very close. This info came from the drug interaction on.,

Berniemurph 28 Apr 2016

Thanks . nothing seems to work so want to go back on fluoxetine

chuck1957 28 Apr 2016

Well good luck and remember try and stick with it, When you first go on it the symptoms you're having even get worse sometimes for the first week or two then they start to subside and little by little you start to feel better but to get the full benefit of the medication it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks to reach a full blood level. And make sure you continue to talk with your doctor.

Berniemurph 28 Apr 2016

It's a pity doctor didn't tell me that at the time , as have tried Valdoxan and aurorix and felt worse maybe they might have worked if he hah told me it would get worse before it got better . I was diagnosed five years ago with panic attacks and anxiety and was on Xanax then later on fluoxetine . When I started fluoxetine had no side effects and didn't feel worse . Weaned myself of Xanax after some time , then early last year off fluoxetine . Was feeling really good , normal . Then the anxiety started slowly coming back around Christmas , put it down to work , Christmas ,thinking it would get better but has only gotten worse to the point where I am back where I started. Wishing I had never gone off the fluoxetine . Also seeing a psychologist . Sorry for unburdering, feel ashamed to talk to friends

chuck1957 28 Apr 2016

Don't worry my friend this is so common, More people suffer from this then you could even think of But so many suffer in quiet because they are afraid people well think they are nuts this is not the case,Glad you notice how much better you were on the medication than off,As my doctor says I just have to look at it like it was my blood pressure pill or whatever just take it and stop playing games the more you screw around with medication that gives you relief the harder it is to keep that level you need so bad.Please feel free to come back anytime we are not doctors but we have been in your shoes and know what works and I have finally decided I feel so much better taking the medication then the feeling without it. Another food thing to know is the medication in the generic Prozac is a chemical your brain makes but look at it like it is supplementing what you body and mind are not making and don't be hard on yourself.

Berniemurph 4 May 2016

On day 6 with Prozac , anxiety level pretty high . Also taking Valium twice a day on the really bad days . Will this ever get any better , struggling just want this to be over

chuck1957 4 May 2016

Bernie, Don't we all I am sorry but glad you have some valium around to help you and like I said in a previous post, you were at 6 days when you posted this and it is normal for symptoms to even increase for the first 7 to 14 days,And also can just go away little by little or just lift like a cloud,Just want to remind you it won't do you any good until you get through the hardest part which is the 2 weeks for most then keep taking about the same time each day until you get the blood level in 6 to 8 weeks but you do start to feel better if it's going to work for you. anytime from now some of these symptoms could start to go away and you start to feel better between now and a few weeks more from when you started it. We all have to go through this some worse than others but if you want to feel better just keep with it, you're looking for the long run fix here not just feeling like crap all the time so keep with it, my friend Good luck free discount card

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