I'm still using the Butrans patch and several of you, do or did, wear patches suggested different films that could be worn over the patch to help keep it adhered. I was talking to my pharmacist about these films and he told me that he had received various complaints from people using patches, saying that applying the film over their patches caused heat to build up thereby causing the medicine to be released too quickly and having their patch to lose potency several days earlier than prescribed. He told me it would probably be best to just run a little tape around the very edges of the patch so it still had the opportunity to breath. I asked if there was a certain tape I should use and he said any kind of medical/surgical tape would be fine.
Now I'm certainly not trying to tell anyone who uses the films that they should stop, I'm just passing along the information I received from my pharmacist. Personally I was happy to get some practical advice that not only worked, but for once cost me less money!
Be well my friends, Lisa