i recently took a pre employment urine test for a city job & i passed it, but the nurse said that my protein levels were the highest she has ever saw? now I can't get the job until I get a doctor 2 sign off on why my levels would be that high, the one thing that ive noticed 4 a while is that whenever I have 2 urinate it takes me 5 minutes sometimes & only a lil bit comes out, but then I will have 2 go again 5 minutes later & again only a lil bit comes out also I have 2 push or strain with a lot of pressure just so I can urinate even know it is only a tiny bit. I think I did pass a kidney stone about a month ago cause it hurt coming out & it kind of looked like a diamond? I have also had a leaky bladder for a very long time now anyway I do not have health insurance at this moment but I am open 2 any suggestions 2 what it might be thank you!!!