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Can I pass on oral thrush?

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masso 20 Mar 2016

Oral thrush is not contagious. You cannot pass on oral thrush to other people.

zionfrost 6 May 2016

I was just diagnosed with thrush and asked my doctor the same question. He said "all people have thrush pathogens in their body, but only those whose systems are already compromised can be given thrush by another person." So, it's sounds possible to transmit to others but will most likely NOT develop into full blown thrush."

masso 6 May 2016

I do volunteer work I do not get paid to take people´s discomfort, if your Dr. told you that well then that is the answer. I am not a Dr. but believe me I have answered over 3000 questions because I like helping people out and before I answer I do plenty of research I am not the kind of person who answers BS, everything is based on research, I did not go to med school, but that does not mean you can come to our site and and be rude to any of us. You do not even thank me I took the time to answer your Q, I do not see any other answer, I do not like people like you... RUDE. free discount card

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