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I had a partial knee replacement lateral side 7/3/2012 should I still have pain?

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srgryclown 14 Jun 2013

if you're still having pain you need to go back and see the doctor who perform the surgery. A lot of joint replacement parts have been recalled as well so you never know what could be wrong. Good luck.

kathyhanson 14 Jun 2013

Any time surgery is done on bones/joints you will still have some pain even after it is healed, although the pain should be minimal. I agree with srgyclown that you should go back to the surgeon to get your knee checked. You could have developed arthritis in that knee, or there could be a problem with the artificial parts put in. It is better to play it safe. I hope you feel better soon.

endlessPred 14 Jun 2013

We are assuming that you did all your exercises that PT had you do and that you have regained mobility. That would make this a lingering pain. If you hadn't completed the exercise then there will be pain even if the implant is fine. Your doctor will be able to know the difference.

monica1972 14 Jun 2013

Well... I did go see the doctor again and he said it was a weird leg and kind of dismissed me ... Yes I did my PT , I manage a PT office... I just threw this question out there because I'm feeling like I'm crazy and my doc made me feel like I'm ridiculous. This was my last resort to ask total strangers what their take on this... Should I go check myself into the nut house?

Lisa01 14 Jun 2013

Forget the nuthouse, there's nothing wrong with your mind. I had a total one replacement, did my pt, regained mobility and total range of motion and yes, I still have pain. Some days it's not so bad, some days it's quite severe. There's scar tissue that can build up, calcium deposits, bone chips from the surgery itself and almost anytime you injure, or have surgery, on a major joint you develop bursitis in the joint. Your Dr should have warned you about these possibilities and not made you feel ridiculous.


kathyhanson 14 Jun 2013

See if they have a double room at the nuthouse! I think I need one too! My ringtone is that song -- "They're coming to take me away, haha, to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, haha" It seemed appropriate! hehe

You're not ready for the nuthouse though. Perhaps your doctor is ready for some refresher courses on bedside manner and interpersonal communications. He said it was a "weird leg"? What the hell does that mean? Me thinks that it means he has become hardened to his patients' suffering and doesn't give a flip! What think ye? I would push him to listen to you if your pain is severe. That's what he is paid for! I hope you feel better soon!
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