I have been in pain for 6 yrs did the pain pill ladder and i am not on much. mobic 7.5 mg neurontin 300mg 3 times a day percocet 5/325 4 times a day and a million ibuprofen... ughhh!!! pain has gotten worse have spondylithesis rudiculopathy stenosis herniated disks multiple bone spurs bilateral knees and spine. have not done cervical spin xray or mris this is next because i have major burning in neck shoulders and numbness and tingling in hands... not a canidate for spine surgery because surgeon said i have to loose a hundred pounds to get the fusion. spine surgeon said 1200 cal diet NO EXERCISE!!! gp says time for gastric bypass surgery and i have been jumping through the hoops for that. spine surgeon refered me to pain management. went to pain management and he says he is only to do the injections and not in control of my pain meds... says i need to ffollow my gp for the pain meds... WHAT??? after many tears because my doc only gave me enough percs to get me to pm appointment i made appt with gp but i did speak to pms nurse and explained to her that i signed pain pill contract with pmd and i dont understand why i would continue with my gp for my pain meds... she said well he said he is only to do my injections and to tell my gp to call them they will tell hium he is to continue pain meds... i am lost and confused scared and feel like a FREAK!!! dying in pain have taken 2 mobic 10 ibuprofen(i know your not suppose to mix the 2 but what do u do... MY stomache is probably bleeding!!! ) and about 12 neurontins today tens machine has been on my right hip and spine for 4 hours... i have 2 children 1 is a 43 pound 18 month old talk about pain. I am just clueless what to do... this was my first ever pain management doc and what a horrific experience. need advice or a 12 gauge doesnt sound too bad at this point!!!