I took paroxetine for 4 1/2 years.
In summer all was going good so I finished therapy. My difficult time was behind me and I started to reduce my dosage from 25 mg
September- -20 mg,
October -15 mg
November -10 mg
December 5 mg
January 0 mg
During this time I was feeling really good.
15 February- strange two nights came. When i was falling asleep I got depressive and anxiety feelings, like somebody suddenly put virus to my mind program. I didn't sleep, next night I took 25 mg trazadoneand I slept well, this disappeared for one month.

14 march- the same strange nights came. I took trazadone again but this time it was adverse reaction.

19 march- doctor said to increase trazadone- I did to 100 mg- it was still opposite reaction i was stimulated, not sleepy.
One week later reinstated paroxetine- adverse reaction- with every dosage I was feeling worse, even Klonopin what i got for short time was working differently. I believe I became sensitive for any drags, so withdrawal symptoms started. It is 4 months after. I tapper slowly paroxetine- 3 mg 21 days, 1,5 mg 21 days, 0,74 day. From one week they added Klonopin 0,25 x3 a day to deal with WD, and i slow tapper because I could stabilize on drag. How long it can last this mental and physical WD?
Do somebody discontinue paroxetine during WD with Klonopin (my doctor admit it is addiction from paroxetine and adverse reaction for reinstatement) ? On surviving antidepressants they refused to give advice if I listen to doctor (they are strict about 10% tapering and no adding any drugs).