, I had been on paroxetine 20 mg for about a month, and suddenly have like, a layer of fat on my belly that hasn't gone away. For more background, I started taking it probably around mid to late Julyish, and I started experiencing some extreme (for me) side effects that I had never experienced with anxiety or depression medicines before, namely dizziness and feeling sleepy more often. I looked up other people's experiences to see if those were common side effects, and then saw people talking about how it made them gain a lot of weight. I'm 5' tall and about 95 lbs, and have never had any problems with weight before but just in case I made sure to start exercising more/longer (both cardio and muscle toning type stuff), cut down on sugar (and some other things in general, like mayonnaise), and if I needed to have a snack I've made sure it's something like carrots, nuts, or fruit.

Despite that I might've gained like 1 pound, which that part really isn't a big deal, the part I'm worried about is that I've always had a toned stomach with barely any fat there at all and now there's this layer there. I've even been almost 10 pounds heavier before and never had that, so I'm kind of freaking out like what's going on and where is it coming from. It's one thing when your body changes gradually over time, but the idea that something can change it practically overnight and the thought of what if this is permanent is giving me some serious anxiety.

So I'm pretty sure I've been off it for about a month, so I guess it's not like I've given it that much time, but I'm just really worried about what to expect. Do I just need to wait longer for the drug to get out of my system? Or is it probably out of my system and my metabolism or whatever it is just needs some time to go back to normal? Is this likely a permanent change even though I've only been on it a month? Or is it just going to be really hard to lose it and I need to start doing some really intense exercising and diet changes? Also, since I'm guessing these things would make a difference, I'll mention I'm 28 and have never had kids. Any insight, advice, whatever would be helpful, thanks.