Ok so just this past spring i felt happy with who i was and where i was in life. I was proud of my self achievements etc. until i started working around different people who had some negative opinions about me. Little by little they affected to the point they became self beliefs and i dwelled on them so much that i felt i couldnt function, focus or do what i could do how used to before their opinions, later i had no where to turn but my doctor. I took paxil 10 mg for 2 months and stopped as i started feeling better. Im off for 2 and half months now, and i feel kind of "out of it" i dont feel like myself 100 percent, feel a bit lost and disoriented. Like my brain feels tense and kind of stuck. I have a huge sense of regret for ever deciding to take meds as i thought i would never be in this situation. Im a good person with good intentions, I was doing so good before and now i feel like the old me is gone. Maybe this is just all in my head but i need advise please.. Are the sideeffects of paxil permanent?? Like cognitive impairment and memory loss?? Or jus temporary while on the drug?? I feel like i cant concentrate how i used to or memorize things. Is it bc of my depressive episode i had? Or the the drug? I would really apreciate some response. Thank you