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Is parinora and thinking you know the future common with people with scitzoaffective and bi polar?

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Inactive 28 Dec 2012

Hello justmedan. No and yes. There are tests that are given to determine your question. Our brain is an organ, that answers, responds to our thoughts, a reaction to thinking as we do and the manner, in which way we react and through this process, our brain does an analysis. Such as your question. The brain is a very fragile yet powerfull organ and controls at any given moment of time, our thoughts that lead into action, as myself answering your question. If a person demonstrates, acts as having a bipolar affective disorder, schizoaffective, the possibilty is there. Regards pledge

kaismama 29 Dec 2012

Paranoia and delusions are common during the psychotic phase of schizoaffective disorder. The go away when out of that phase. free discount card

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