parathyroid gland is low 10.3 normal is 11-67
vitamin d was marked alert 32 normal range is 30-100
ANIONgp low , 9 - 18
alkphos low 47 normal is 53 - 128 (bone density
calcium borderline high 10.4 normal is 8.4 - 10.4
egfr >60
RBC high 6.0 normal is 4.4-5.9
B12 and Iron were ok
I'm wondering if its my kidneys or parathyroid. I think its my parathyroid causing these other things to be low because of the low alkphos , isn't that calcium in the bones?
Ive been feeling very tired for 3 years and my brain feels so much slower and I'm losing memory or having problems thinking of words when I try to explain something.