my calcium was high and seem to have went down to the borderline of being high. I'm always tired all the time, I've been sleeping 15 hours or more for the past 3 years and it seems even stimulants work for a week than all it dose is increase my pulse to 134 while I'm still tired and I'm not even breathing hard.
I did a test today on my parathyorid gland and my vitamin D. I checked my B12 and my iron and there fine. thryoid is fine along with coristol, adrenal gland, Urine cam eout cloudy in my test and I noticed, it smells like what i drank. an example is like grape soda. it will smell like that and there seems to be a lot of bubbles in it. I also had about 20 new moles for om my face,neck, chest, arms and hands, There like beauty marks, I think they formed from a hormonal embalance. I've been out of the sun for 3 years mostly because I work nights. so I havent been in the sun at all.