my calcium was high, 10.5 , normal ranges on test were 10.4 and lower. vitamin D was borderline low 32, normal ranges on test were 30-87 alkphos was a litle low 47 normal ranges 53 and higher. and my ast and trig were low just by a little like the rest I mentioned. I'm wondering if my parathryoid is bad or just below normal because of the high calcium? but if that were so, why would my vitamin D be low ? on blood test it says suffieint but marked as alert. I also have been having mood swings and even self confidence issues. I feel like im on estrgen or somehting. I'm a man and I just feel emotional or something. I even got tiny new beauty marks that formed on check and neck, I was put on two blood pressure medication amphlidine and hydrochlroizide and after 4 days I feel better in energy but my mind still feels weird, head ached and pressure. confussed or forgeful. blood pressure was 176/104 but its down to 135/88 after 4 days on these medications. I am taking a adhd meeication stimulant that helps me focus but I'm starting to think maybeI dont have adhd but maybe its this gland or soemthing . thryoid was ok s was b12 and vitamin d. I'm getting a kideny test in a month.