Onset with nightterrors and occasional delusional thoughts (persecutory. jealous, grandiose). Gradually worsening insomnia which became acute, and anxiety/panic, occasional euphoria, racing thoughts, worsensing severe delusional thoughts. But also if you or your family have a pattern of some of the following: rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's, dounle jointedness, hernia, diverticulitis, bony abnormalities like bunions or underbite or winged scapula, cataracts and whether in one or both eyes, numbness or pins and needles possibly in the feet, loose/elastic skin possibly on the back of hands or feet, dry skin or sores on the finger joints, hypertension, red blood cell anemia, low urea, dementia or memory loss. I want to know if there are other people with this out there. Any help would be appreciated.