What can cause an abnormal pap smear (HPV)? I am 22 and I have never had one but my mom is forcing me to get one and she won't shut up until I do it.

I get the importance of having it done but at the same time I believe it is far too invasive and in most cases provides more false positives than anything. (KEEP ARGUMENTS TO YOURSELF!!)

I have had one sexual partner we were both virgins (I'm 100% sure that he was) and always used a condom when having sex. I have also had all 3 HPV vaccines when I was a teenager.

I know nobody can give me an exact answer but can you guess what the chances will be that it will come back abnormal? I do take regular birth control pills and have been since I was about 13.

I'm just looking for opinions. I do not smoke I know that can cause an increase in abnormal results.