On August 2, my boyfriend and I were messing around. We've never had intercourse, but we had oral and he came on my vagina. It was dark, so I didn't know if it went in or not, but we tried to clean it up. Then, I panicked. I went to buy plan B the next morning and took it. A week later, I started to have brownish-blood like discharge. But, then it got heavier and just blood like my period. This was only for 3 days though, shorter than my normal period. Now, it's been almost 3 weeks since the incident and I've just been having "gas" more than usual and I'm breaking out. I've heard that acne and change in digestion could be a pregnancy symptom but they could also be a plan B symptom. But can plan B symptoms happen almost 3 weeks later?? Acne is also a pre-period symptom for me, and I've had headaches which are pre-period symptoms for me. And I've heard that "gas" can be from anxiousness also. I'm 16 and a senior. I go to a great private school and have a ton going on with college. My parents are strict. My boyfriend is 17 and a senior. His parents are super religious, and he comes from a really wealthy family, so I don't know what his family would do. I don't know what I'm going to do. I also haven't mentioned anything to him because I don't want to worry him. Help. All of my friends told me not to worry because it's such a little chance with me not having intercourse and because I bled heavily for those 3 days. But, I don't know. Every time I google pregnancy symptoms, they seem to fit me but they also fit plan B symptoms