... Extremely bad attacks. I took my 1 mg xanax but didn't get rid of the attack. So i took another one an hour later. It relieved somewhat but An hour later came back. I took another. Finally fell asleep but my sleep only lasts about 15 minutes. Next day the same thing happened. Still extreme panic! I used to be on 2 mgs about 2 years ago. Since i got off the 2 mgs i sometimes go without sleep for three and four days. my question is So now that I've taken too much to close together is there something that i can take to clean it out of my system? I'm so desperate for sleep and I'm very scared of this but can't get Dr to give me anything for sleep. I'm fatigued, stressed and don't like abusing medication. My Dr does test urine to check amounts. How can i get him to understand that I'm sleep deprived and get him to either prescribed something for sleep or do SOMETHING to help me? I've even taken sleeping tests. In 5 hours of sleep i had no REM and only reached 1st level of sleep and woke up 20 times in the 5 hours. I'm desperate. I dream while I'm awake from Being so tired. Just want sleep! What do I tell Dr? I'm also a chronic pain patient.