... agitated (i was taking for smoking cessation and mild depression, very mild) I tirated my doses until I weaned myself off. I was fine for a few weeks and then I went to a real low, was severely depressed and heavy hearted. I went to the dr and got put back on it after a few days of that awful feeling, and so far i have been back on 2 and a half weeks. Well, for the first two weeks, depression slowly got a tiny bit better and i was having hope, especially reading the depression boards on here but then, right at 2 weeks, i had a ful blown panic attack, and now, every morning for the past 4 days, i wake up in a terror, for no reason. And it lasts for hours and hours, only fully dissipating when my fiance gets home at night, and then i am fine the rest of the night, its so weird. well, yesterday i went to the dr and got a prescription for celexa 20mg. I took a half a pill yesterday (10 mg) and a half today. I really want to know how long this will take for this panic to go away. This is crippling