... life support for days in critical condition, can't remember most of Sept. 2014 through January 2015, many more things going on. Question is this: has anybody experienced something along what I did and how do you cope with the aftermath? My doctor has decided that (after 5 months) she can't take care of me anymore. I've been switched off and on with pain meds which I have to take. Every time I think about the changing of the doctor and changing my meds and the fact that I almost died for 7 days and don't remember much about it, I have a severe panic attack. I'm having to take xanax (at a much lower dose than before I went to the hospital) daily and I'm still having panic attacks. I take a lot of medication daily and most of them I can't stop or change (or the doctor doesn't want to change). I was diagnosed as diabetic (I had 8 diagnosis when I was admitted into the ICU), but now my blood sugar levels are very low. When my anxiety and pain levels go up, so does my blood sugar yet, my A1c is low enough so that I don't have to take insulin anymore. Just the idea of everything "coming back" so that I end back up in the hospital again scare me to death! What do I do? The doctor won't help at this point. She's looking for a new doctor for me so nothing will be changed at this point. I am disabled for the rest of my life and being left alone for a long period of time scares me. Suggestions?