I rencently added. Wellbutrin Xl , to my medication list with Zoloft , klonopin for aniexty disorder. I been on the Zoloft and klonopin since feb however I need to stop smoking which is increasing my aniexty and of course it bad for my health.
Yesterday was my first day and I was extremely anxious which I didn't like so I had to increase my klonopin to help that. My question is has anyone taking the this and how long will it take for the anxiousness to go away. I really want to try to stick with it cause of what I hope to benefit from taking this med. is anyone else experiencing or have experience the same as I am going through ?
I really don't want to increase me klonopin and hope to decrease it once my body gets used to it. Actually I wish I could be done with all this meds but for now it is what it is
All advise will help