... have a lot of experiences, so I have a question that I hope I can get some guidance. I have suffered with anxiety for about 5 years now and recently it has been getting worse. I realized I was having some panic attacks during the 5 years and those are getting worse as well. I am very sensitive to all types of pain medicine, muscle relaxers, and anti-depression pills. They will make me sleep for about 18-20 hours. My doctor does not understand how severe these attacks are but he gave me a prescription for Valium and it helps somewhat. The problem is that it too can make me tired and sleepy. For example, yesterday, I took 2.5 mg of Valium with my dinner at 6:00 pm and I was struggling to keep my eyes open by 8:00 pm. After dosing on and off for about an hour, I got up and went to bed. I usually will sleep for about 4-6 hours on that much valium. I woke up around 6:00 am but was still tired and took a hour and half nap at 10:00 am. and have stayed tired but awake the rest of the day. I have taken 1.25 mg before and I am less tired/sleepy but still a little but I usually can force myself to stay awake. I do not like to drive, though, even with the 1.25 mg. The Valium does seem to calm me down but it is the issue of trying to stay awake. I am so sorry that this is so wordy but I want explain the issues. Sometimes at work, I start to feel a little anxious and it would be nice to have something to take, but, because if the tiredness, I do not take anything. My question is - does anyone else have extreme sensitivity to these type and other types of medication and have they found anything for the stress/panic attacks that work without making you tired/sleepy. As I am sure you are aware if you have panic attacks, they are the worse and I constantly worry that I am going to have one at anytime. The not being able to get enough oxygen, feeling like my inside is going to explode and feeling like I am going to die. Worrying about all of this is definitely not helping the anxiety or my quality of life. I feel so lost and that I am never going to feel better. Thank you, in advance, for any information that you can give me. clt1018