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Panic Disorder - How effective is Ativan* in treating PTSD ?

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oktoday 10 Jan 2010

Ativan can be effective depending on the symptoms a person is exhibiting. Ativan can relax you and calm a person down. If a person is experievcing flashbacks or panic attacks it can help that but usually in higher doses like 1-2mg 3 times a day.They usually prescribed it with another psychotropic medicine like haldol or a number if others because ativan works more quickly and the others may take a little time.I hope with the ptsd therapy and a good spport system is in place. u may want to look into low dose lithium. google dr. wright tacomas site. They have used it with veterans on a very low dose less than 100mg a day and have gotten good results. Good luck

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mitjason 10 Jan 2010

Oktoday is correct. I would also recommend Psychotherapy. Psychologist have a way of making you think different and teach you ways of coping with the flashbacks and terrible memories. I've had a personal Psychologist for about 9 years. You slowly build a great relationship and you feel comfortable talking with them. Hope this information helps and I hope you get the help you deserve. Good luck!

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combatvet212 30 Jan 2012

not very a OEF veteran and 100% service connected with PTSD.i took 6mg a day to where i felt like a zombie.with benzodiazapines ativan is mainly used for anxiety or larger dosages for seizures.dont take this drug because its longer acting then xanax plus.ptsd needs natural cures like going out to the firing something where u can burn all your adrenaline. free discount card

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