... with librium. I am also on zoloft as of one month ago. This all started when I went off Cymbalta as my depression wasn't being covered and I have been trying to figure out what is making me so fatigued. I have been to a holistic Dr . Who has helped me tremendously and I have been weaNing off of as many medI cations as I can..ex:doxepin, fetzima, one half doze of ambien in an effort to get rid of the fatigue. But the anxiety is escalating to a point where I am not comfortable anyou longer. Am on my see night wide awake with diarrhea and the librium I took 5 hours ago is not touching the anxiety. It feels like a full out panic attack. I have some Ativan that had been previously prescribed, is it safe for me to take that now to try and stop this anxiety?
Thank you for any help,