okay so im on Zoloft and its completely taken care of the depression but has done nothing for the anxiety. Usualy when you take care of one problem the other is taken away also. would it be a smart idea to scratch the zoloft and start on an SNRI like my doc wants me to or would just using a daily dose of klon or valium be better? (i do not mind withdrawls when i need to taper down, i know about them/have had benzo w/d so going in, ill deal) with the SNRI taking over a month to kick in (since i have to taper off one and start on the other that may possibly not work and put me back into a depression + withdrawls from that) i dont know if i sohuld go for the long nonaddictive route or the quick and future-ly painful one. i want to live without being scared of everything but i dont know if anything else will actualy work... (no side effects from zoloft or benzos)

thank you for all your answers, if anyone has had luck with a drug that took care of depression but not anxiety then switched to something that helped with both that would be very helpful.