I started on 4mg of xanax a day a year ago after 8mg of klonapin did nothing to hinder my anxiety or panic attacks. I was on 6mg a day of xanax for two weeks during and following a panic state I couldn't get out of. My doctor switched me to Valium after I initiated a conversation regarding the safety of long term use of xanax. He prescribed me 10mg, 2x a day. He was going to prescribe me more xanax for panic attacks, but I refused as I had enough. I took a xanax here and there for the first few days, usually between 2 and 3.5mg/day.

I stopped taking them for two days as I was not going out and thus did not need them. I became very agitated with bouts of anger, nauseous, my head hurt, and overall I felt like I was dangerously ill. I took 3mg of xanax over five hours and the symptoms disappeared.

I phoned my psychiatrist the next day and he very strongly believes I'm not going through withdrawal and that is a psychological response to my anxiety related to coming off xanax. But, I encouraged it and had no such problems with switching to ativan, to klonapin, or to xanax.

I cannot find a US equivalcy chart, but according to a UK one I found (only reputable source I found) 1mg/xanax is equal to 10mg/Valium.

I'm very confused, and I'm trying to taper as fast as I can. I was so ill last night I vomited bile three times and couldn't even get my pills to stay down. My anxiety is up and I'm terrified of leaving the house. But I want off the xanax. Can anyone shine some light on this for me?