I know I have discussed this till some of you may be tired of hearing it, but when I went and saw my GP doctor she said she can not change any medication that a psychiatrist prescribes.(which I do understand)..She believes it is basically a slap in the face to give someone with documented panic attacks for year only one .5 mg xanax a day. Today I am panicking out of control I took the .5 mg and it will not even touch the panic, it is to the point that my panic attacks are so bad I don't even know how I can take care of my son. If I go to the hospital with a sever panic attack do you think they could give me at least a shot of ativan to make it through the day, I literally feel like I am going to pass out(or die)... I can't even describe how bad this one is... please what should I do, my psychiatrist will not return phone calls, and my GP can not change my xanax... I feel like a junky that needs to try to find them on the street so I can feel better.