I never had panic attacke before. They started about a month before I detoxed. Five days into detoxing, i had no more panic attacks, then, they started yesterday again. Had to go to ER. was put on 2mg of adavin to calm me down and was watched for hours. Was sent home with a script for Vistiril, for anxiety. It is non addictive, almost like a benadryl type substance. Well, I took one today with another panic attack, and didnt help. I have had at least 6 panic attacks today. Is it still the detoxing why I am experiencing panic attacks? Or something new now?
P.S. 8 yrs ago, I was getting severly depressed from oxy and went cold turkey for 3 weeks. Suffered severe anxiety and withdrawal symptoms but never panic attacks and when I was done, I was done. Dont like the panic attacks, they mae me feel worse than the detoxing physically.