so tonite, my panic attack got so our of controll my husband had to take me to the er, i was given xanax by mouth .5 dose, and a shot of atavan. so as you see its getting way out of controll. my husband seems to be losing his cool, he dont and never will understand my illness, i told him its an illness that needs proper care, and if it dont it can get bad. i told him maybe he should go find a support group that will be able to help him understand what im going thru, that im not doing this on purpose, i hate every second of my day and nite, i was reluctant to taking xanax and a small dose of attivan,but i was desperate and it helped tremendously. tomorrow i go to therapy with a lady in kailua, hers is faith and christian based, then tuesday i go to my trauma therapist, she will help me dig deep to see whats creating this havoc in my life, i thought i was gonna die lastnite, i began to panic and was about ready to admit myself into a pshych ward, i see nothing wrong with that either. so on top of losing nana, im tapering of percocet, and now dealing with menoupause and hormone changes, so yeah you could say my world is pretty fu__ed up rite now. thanks for any and all feed back i can get, ty helpmehawaii