Been taking Zoloft for several years now-off and on for about 11 years total. Started off with small dose of 75mg 1x day, then it's steadily gone up over the years. I tried coming off it once because I was trying to save a (loveless) marriage and didn't want the sexual side effects, but it still ended in disaster. So back on I went-and my current dosage is 200 mg 1x day. The Zoloft was originally for my MDD, but I started having panic attacks about 8 years ago-which is part of the reason why my dose has steadily been upped. For a loooong time the panic attacks went away, but just recently (within last 2 weeks) they have comeback with a vengeance-landing me in the ER because I nearly fainted. My doc now (my newest one-I used to move a lot) prescribed me Klonopin to try and take the edge off, and it helped for about 2 days. It makes me sleepy, but I try to fight that to get the panic attacks to stop. She only gave me about 20 days worth, but I still having panic attacks. I don't know what to do, because I don't want her thinking I'm just trying to get pills because I also have to take adderall for some pretty bad ADHD. I know-I'm a double-edged sword... but at the same time I can't stand the way the panic attacks make me feel and Zoloft is supposed to be for anxiety too but I'm pretty much at the max dosage for that. I don't want to be a zombie or be going through all kinds of weird side effects ... any suggestions?