I have a severe panic disorder and have been suffering for over 12 years of my life now. I started with Klonopins 0.25 mg 2 times daily and has no real effect to it. It seems as if it causes more anger and depression on myself. I tried a Xanax from a friend and found it fast acting and sedating with put my panic attacks at rest. I took a 1mg and my doctors said that Klonopins I'd all they can prescribe me even though Xanax worked better. There all benzos so why am I having trouble getting something that actually works. Should I take more Klonopins to calm me down for the panic attacks ? I also asked for a higher dose instead of taking more than prescribed but again no. I'm sick of suffering. This drug abuse makes it hard for the ones in need. Help with positive answers please ;( I'm young and want to feel normal already! Not known as the panic attack girl. Thank you