I get panic attacks only in classes in which like would be presented with notes like the teach was standing up and all students would be sitting down taking notes is really what sets me off I just feel like i'm completely losing control and like i'm going to pass out and it comes fast and hits hard its really bad. So that's the weird part because if i'm in like technology design lab which is like a group environment basically we come in and just get started working on our projects and teachers comes around on an individual basis. I was prescribed zoloft 100 mg and went on home instruction for about 2 month so the medicine could work or build up whatever and i tried to come back in about december but I couldn't do it so i went back to psychiatrist and I ended up being diagnosed ADD as well as panic because I do have a very difficult time focusing and keeping attention and motivated to do most things panic disorder aside. So now im on 50 mg vyvanse and he stopped the zoloft because it wasn't working with me. I really want to be able to return to school somehow because home instruction is just to lonely and i'm really missing the whole social experience at school by I know for a fact I will not be able to be in my core classes which have that lectureish environment. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for me sorry I probably forgot to put in some info please if you need any more info just ask please thanks so much to anyone who takes their time to read this and write me up a response!
-chris kelly